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TECHNI Theater group is a non-for-profit cultural company based on Patmos Island, Greece.

Initially founded in Paris on 1995 according to the European respective legal system, it was later transferred in Greece on 1997, with main objectives the promotion of the art of theater.

On 1994, Barbara Hoffmann was set on Patmos, an Island the she used to visit for more than 40 years. As a professional actress, she began to teach children of Patmos a new way to perform.

From 2003 and on, she joints efforts with Till Sterzenbach whom she first met on the famous school of drama " Otto Falckenberg Schule ".

Having a significant background and experience as actors and directors, both of them for over three decades, they present every year theatrical productions with amateur actors of Patmos and collaborators from different cities and countries.

Patmos Island – July 2012

This summer, visitors to Patmos Isl. will have the opportunity to live a strong and especial experience.

From July the 26th to August the 3rd, TECHNI will present a dramatic rendition of the final Book of the Bible, The Apocalypse of St. John, on the historical site of the Grotto of Revelation, on Patmos isl.

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